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Always at your side

Together with its customers, Prodinger Group fearlessly pursues new paths in corporate management and corporate development. This includes the areas of tax consulting, management consulting, as well as marketing and digitalization. In this way, we create holistic, often cross-generational solutions that are as individual as the challenges faced by medium-sized businesses.


Set your sights high

While you focus on your business success and entrepreneurial vision, our challenge is to keep everything in line with the latest tax legislation. It’s a delicate balancing act, but one we’ve successfully mastered over the last 70 years.


Banish your fears

As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, it is easy to feel out of your depth when faced with all the legislation and regulations. But it doesn’t need to be that way.


Pull out all the stops

Numbers aren’t everything, but we are proud to employ 220 talented staff – that’s one for every key on a pipe organ.


Climb every mountain

Over 500 hotels, resorts and cable car operators rely on Prodinger's services. Some of them have been with us for decades! We know the challenges facing the sector and understand that there’s barely time to catch your breath during the ski season.


Be infinitely impressed

For us, the numbers are not the end goal, they are the starting point. That’s why we have developed specific industry benchmarks to give you the stability and security you need to follow your every entrepreneurial intuition.

Sectors we serve

  • Hospitality & catering
  • Property
  • Service providers
  • Doctors, lawyers & freelancers
  • Cable car operators
  • Tourism
  • Retail
  • Construction & related industries


Numbers aren’t everything, but we are proud to employ 220 talented staff – that’s one for every key on a pipe organ. And just like when you play the organ, you will never need them all at the same time. Nonetheless, it’s good to know that we can pull out all the stops quickly and easily in those rare cases that it’s needed. No ifs or buts – we are there for our customers whenever they need us!


  • 400+

    clientes that stay with us for more than 3 decades now

  • 5x

    tax advisor of the year consecutively

  • 8

    locations in Austria

  • 220

    employees at Prodinger Group

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Our Customers

Prodinger Group serves customers of all industries. The extremely positive economic development in Austria over the past decades has led to the growth of existing businesses and the establishment of new ones. As tax consultants, we are able to actively accompany and support this development in the tourism, construction, real estate, trade and services sectors. Our clients appreciate the sound advice and the size of the Prodinger Group combined with individual and personal support. And of course the good feeling of having an established partner in Prodinger, who combines the flexibility of a small company with the security and competence of a large company.

With Our Clients

Age-old honest cooperation.

Altstadt Vienna

With Our Clients

Stepping up together.

Treppenbau Möschl staircases

With Our Clients

Building on trust.

Spiluttini Bau construction

With Our Clients

SME is our kind of beer.

Pinzgau Bräu brewery

With Our Clients

Flying high with feet firmly on the ground.

Flugwerft Zell aircraft repairs

With Our Clients

Taking gastronomy to the next level.

Kohlmayr's Gaisbergspitz restaurant

With Our Clients

A keen eye for quality materials.

Fahnen Gärtner flags

With Our Clients

Making a splash.

Badprofi bathrooms

With Our Clients

Travelling the country together.

Actionmobil motorhomes

With Our Clients

A match made in heaven.

Restaurant Obauer

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